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Flotilla 12-3, Bowers Beach, DE.

Want to Join the Auxiliary?

Thinking about joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary? You're at the right place. Here are some programs in which you could participate.

Blue button Boat Crew and Patrols - If you like being out on boats and helping other boaters, you can become Boat Crew certified to go out and have fun!

Blue button Chart Updating - Do you like reading charts and trying to see if something is out of place? The Delaware River has aids to navigation that extend from the Atlantic Ocean upstream to Trenton, New Jersey, the head of tide. If a feature or buoy is out of place, you would be the one to fill out the paper work to make sure it gets back to its proper place.

Blue button Instructor - Are you a good teacher and/or speaker? Put your skills to work by being an instructor teaching various courses.

Blue button Search and Rescue - Work along side the Coast Guard to help find and save boaters in trouble.

Blue button Vessel Examinations - A vessel examiner makes inspections of vessels, making sure that everything is okay. The Coast Guard Auxiliary promotes safe boating through education. Vessel safety checks are reviews of a boaters equipment for compliance with federal and states requirements.

Blue button Weather - Are you interested in the weather? The Auxiliary offers courses to learn about different cloud types, temperatures, and other parameters related to weather.

If you are interested in joining, or would like to get more information about the Auxiliary in the Sussex County, DE. area, please e-mail our webmaster and an auxiliarist will get in touch with you. 

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